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M-Plate Stabilizer

120188 / HP32 Black Painted

121188 / HP32-G Galvanized

7"h x 12"w m-plate stabilizer.  More cutting points for more balance and shorter plate is easier to get in the ground.  "Power Ridge" provides extra strength for as much or more resistance than traditional plates.

8 per box

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Stabilizer Plate

120180 / HP30 Black Painted

121180 / HP30-G Galvanized

12"h x 12"w stabilizer plate.  Prevents anchors from cutting through the soil and becoming loose during heavy wind events.

8 per box, 400 per skid

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ZipCap Stabalizer

120028 / HP34  Black Painted / ZipCap only

Attaches to the top of HP3 or HP17 anchors for use in appropriate soil conditions (class 3 or 4 depending on anchor). Installs with the use of an eye anchor adapter (120120) for your electric anchor machine.

8 per box

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